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World Studies
Chapter 15: Years of Crisis, 1919-1939
Whose theory of relativity replaced Newton’s comforting belief in a world run by
absolute laws of motion and gravity?
What is the term of the relationship between the speed of light and the measurement of
time and space?
What effect did the nonaggression pact between the Nazis and the Soviets have?
After World War I, most European nations had what type of government, if only
Why did Hitler blame the Jewish population for all of Germany’s troubles?
Why did Japan invade Manchuria?
Il Duce was the title of which of the following leaders?
Which German political party sought to overturn the Treaty of Versailles and combat
What term was used to identify the alliance of Germany, Italy, and Japan?
What world-wide event caused Germans to start taking Adolf Hitler and his message
Manchuria was invaded by
Identify Appeasement and how it helped led to World War II.
By 1935, the only eastern European country that was still a democracy was
Why did coalition governments usually prove unstable?
The title of Hitler’s book Mein Kampf in English is
Who developed theories about the power of the part of the mind called the unconscious?
The leader of the Third Reich was
This term refers to a government controlled by a temporary alliance of several political
This person created the plan that called on the American government to loan 200 million
dollars to help stabilize German’s economy
This collation of moderates, Socialists, and Communists was able to preserve the only
democratic government in eastern Europe
Series of laws were designed to segregate Jews from true Germans
True or False
Fascism stresses a classless society.
The implementation of the Dawes Plan contributed to the weakness of the Weimar
Spain took over other countries during this time period
The Soviet Union joined the Axis Powers