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Personal Finance Course
The Royal High School
The Royal High School
 1200 pupils
 200 in S5
 Required an alternative to the Intermediate 1
course, for pupils who had passed SG Maths at
Foundation grade
Maths and Business Education Depts
 5 hours timetabled each week:
– 2 hours in Maths
– 2 hours in Business Education
– 1 hour team teaching
Personal Finance Course
 Int 1 Maths NABs
 Practical course – involving projects like:
– My first flat – researching salaries, costs of
renting, cost of living
– Shopping for the week
– Budgeting at Christmas
– How much will my first car cost and how will I
finance it?
 Tesco to look at price labels on goods
 Princes Street – mobile phone shops
 Bank representatives into school
How else can it be delivered?
 10 week short course in S3 completing the
Money Management unit
 S4 pupils not attaining in Accounting and