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 Mathematics Subject Leader Miss Supple
 Maths is taught in a discreet daily lesson
Oral / main/ plenary
 Lessons are differentiated to cater for all abilities
 Creative curriculum will give additional opportunities
for mathematics
 It is important that maths is real!
We all use maths all day everyday!
 We look at the clock to tell the time before we get out of bed.
 We estimate how far it is to the floor!
 We know how many degrees to turn the tap so that we get
enough water without getting soaked!
 We measure the cornflakes in our bowl so they don't spill
 Well you get the picture!
Maths Day – Solve that
Get them thinking!
Get them talking
Applying their knowledge
Maths is Fun!
Christmas is coming!
Working to a budget
 Discussion
 Negotiation
 Calculations
 Amendments
 Agreement
All agreed – order
D Day!
Let’s get the party
By making maths real
Developed Team work
Developed speaking and listening skills
Encouraged leadership skills
Calculate – apply their mathematical
 Developed their mathematical skills
 In a real situation
 Raised economic awareness
4 Calculation areas
 Addition
 Subtraction
 Multiplication
 Division
I did it like this
(£3 x 10)-10p = £29.90
How did you do it?
29 x 10 = £29
9p x 10 = 90p
£29 + 90p =£29.90
x 10
4 Calculation areas
 Addition
 Subtraction
 Multiplication
 Division