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Renaissance Art Research Project
You will be researching renaissance art, architecture and sculpture using the Oxford Art database.
( Your goal is to find a piece of renaissance art that interests you, while finding out
more about the artist, the pieces location, and why it represents renaissance art, architecture or sculpture.
I will demonstrate how to use the Oxford Art database in class. Your final research product should look like
this example:
Artist Name: Leonardo da Vinci
Name of Work: The Virgin and Child with
Saint Anne
Medium (what it’s made out of): Oil paints
on wood
Year Created: 1510
Location of Work Today: Musée du Louvre,
Why this work of art represents the ideals
or techniques of the Renaissance:
This painting by Leonardo da Vinci represents
renaissance painting for several reasons. The
methods used to create light, shadow; depth
and overall realism are techniques new to the
Renaissance. The effective use of perspective is
evident in the mysterious background of craggy
peaks. This is a religious scene set in what looks
more like 16th century Italy rather than 1st
century Palestine. Da Vinci painted the world he
saw around him, using research, observation
and careful study.
Why you chose this piece of art:
Mr. DeRobbio
World History
I like the use of shadow that adds an element of
mystery, typical of Da Vinci’s painted work. The
use of diagonal lines add a sense of motion and
action to what would otherwise be a stationary
family portrait.