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Guest Lecture:
"Value-based marketing:
Whose value?
What is valued?
How much is the value?"
Helen Lok
A C Nielsen Executive of the Year 1999
Founding member of the Market Research Society Hong Kong
Chairperson of the Market Research Society Hong Kong 2002-2003
Advisory Committee of the Business Association of University of Hong Kong 2000-2005
12 March 2007 (Monday)
2:00 - 3:30 pm
Student Function Hall
Language: Cantonese
Value-based marketing explains the crucial role of marketing plays in driving
customer and shareholder value. As macro-environment changes, we are facing
regional integration, ideology-free world, technological advances, and a borderless
economy. These macroeconomic forces are certainly impacting on market practices.
Consequently doing faster and better may not be sufficient and, instead, businesses
will be required to develop new marketing concepts and practices such as value-based
marketing. In the future, marketing practices will have to cost, price and market
products and services more based on their time and place associated values. This is
often prevalent in the services sector, but is not consciously practiced in the product
sector. Interesting cases on how companies practice value-based marketing are
provided including cases like McCafe, De Beer Diamond, etc
Enquiries: 2616 8239 - Department of Marketing and International Business, Lingnan University