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One-year Placement Internship Programme
One-year placement programme
About us:
Xcelom is a pioneer in developing and deploying cutting-edge genomics technology for
community use. It is dedicated to creating and applying world-class genetics
innovations for the Hong Kong public and the international community
Intern for Marketing, Strategy and Business Development
At this job position, you will be able to gain experience in an extremely fast-paced and
competitive business environment. You will be a part of a growing company that’s
changing the way the world moves, and you will gather valuable insights and
knowledge at the intersection of business and technology.
1. You will help us create and run various marketing campaigns and partnerships to
promote Xcelom services in both the local market and other foreign markets
2. You will be a project leader in charge of some social marketing campaigns (i.e.
Facebook, WeChat, Weibo)
3. You will operate the sales support processes and provide administration help for
events and other marketing activities
4. You will extract and analyze data from multiple internal and external data sources,
and produce business analysis reports.
5. You will report to the company’s top management for strategic analysis, and you
will support the formulation of business strategies.
Reporting line
Successful applicants will work under the sales and marketing team and directly report
to the Sales and Marketing Manager.
1. A valid permit to work in Hong Kong SAR
and skillsets:
2. A current bachelor or advanced degree student in business schools (e.g. BBA, MBA,
MSc in Marketing, etc.). Prior knowledge in biology/ medicine is not required.
3. Good academic results with a GPA of 3.0 or above, or equivalent
4. Good communication skills. High proficiency in both written and spoken English
and Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese speakers are welcome).
5. Track records of being active in extracurricular activities is a plus
6. A good team player
7. Available full-time during the internship period
8. We welcome applicants who have experience in customer services / marketing /
business analysis, and are hardworking and with a strong sense of responsibility
Salary and
Scheme for
evaluation of
Location of
This is a paid internship position. Salary will be discussed after the selection process.
The performance of successful applicant will be evaluated every five months by our
management team. A special performance bonus might be issued according to the
result of the evaluation.
You will work in our office in the Hong Kong Science Park. You will be occasionally
required to work at other sites for marketing events in Hong Kong. You may be
required to work for short trips outside of Hong Kong.
From 1st September 2015 to 30th June 2016.
and Selection
This is a one-year placement programme, which means successful applications have to
defer their academic terms by one year. The exact start and end dates and vacation
period during the internship can be further negotiated.
Applications can email their CVs to [email protected]
Other proof of skills and experience (e.g. academic reports, certificates) will be merited.
All information will be kept confidential.
The assessment process will include a first-round interview in the Hong Kong Science
Park, followed by a second-round management interview for shortlisted candidates.
Enquiries: (852) 3955-1231 (Mr. Tony Yung)