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Hong Kong Chemistry Olympiad for Secondary Schools (2010-2011)
Information Sheet
The Hong Kong Chemistry Olympiad for Secondary Schools is a project learning competition
jointly organized by the Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education, the Hong
Kong Chemical Society, the Royal Society of Chemistry and Hong Kong Education City. It aims at
promoting the interest of students in learning Chemistry and developing students’ skills in problem
solving, critical thinking, communication and science process through project learning. Details of
the Olympiad are given below:
Chemistry of Polymers (聚合物的化學)
Each team comprises three to five Secondary 3-7 students
A polymer is a large molecule (macromolecule) composed of repeating structural units.
Whereas the term polymer is sometimes taken to refer to plastics, it actually encompasses a large
class of natural and synthetic materials with a wide variety of properties. Because of the
extraordinary range of properties of polymeric materials, they play an essential and ubiquitous role
in everyday life, ranging from familiar synthetic plastics and elastomers to natural biopolymers such
as nucleic acids and proteins that are essential for life.
This theme of the Hong Kong Chemistry Olympiad for Secondary Schools in 2010/2011 is
“Chemistry of Polymers”. The purpose of the theme aims at
Promoting science for everyone;
Allowing students to quest this well-perceived field by their own lens;
Encouraging students to carry out investigative studies; and
Encouraging students to perform and demonstrate their chemical knowledge in diverse
Hong Kong Association for
Science and Mathematics
Hong Kong
Chemical Society