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Dr. J. Scott Tyo
College of Optical Sciences
University of Arizona
J. Scott Tyo directs the Advanced Sensing Lab in the College of Optical Sciences at
the University of Arizona. His laboratory investigates all manner of sensing
problems ranging from optical polarization to terahertz imaging to radar
systems. Over this breadth of areas, one constant in the ASL's research program is
that the physics of the electromagnetic wave interaction with the scene and the
sensor are always part of the engineering process from the sensor design to the
data exploitation. Professor Tyo received the PhD degree in Electrical Engineering
from the University of Pennsylvania, then joined the US Air Force Research
Laboratory as USAF officer. He left active service in 2001 to join the University of
New Mexico, then moved to the UA in 2006. Prof. Tyo is heavily involved in
professional activities, and is a fellow the OSA, SPIE, and the IEEE. He has served
on the editorial boards of major OSA and IEEE publications, and has helped to
organize several conferences, especially on imaging polarimetry.
Carlson Auditorium, Center for Imaging Science (Bldg. 76)