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Fall 2005 Physics Seminar
Optical Computing & Storage: A
physicist’s adventure !
Leo Irakliotis
Associate Chair
Department of Computer Science
University of Chicago
[Miami Physics Alumnus]
Abstract: Optical computing emerged as a promising framework for
information processing in the 1980s and 1990s. The discovery of more
exotic frameworks, most notably quantum computing, signaled the
decline of optical computing but interest in optical data storage
remained strong. This talk will review the basic techniques for
volumetric optical storage, their applications in applied computing, and
the lessons learned from the failures of optical computing and the
successes of optical storage.
Brief Bio: Leo Irakliotis earned an MS degree in Physics from Miami
University and a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from
Colorado State University. In 1996 he joined MCI
Telecommunications (prior to the merger with WorldCom) as a
senior researcher. In 1998 he joined the faculty at the University of
Chicago where he is currently the associate chairman of the
Department of Computer Science.
Wed. Oct. 5th