Download Linking Asteroids and Meteorites through Reflectance

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Physical Geology Laboratory
Tom Burbine
[email protected]
• Next Tuesday
• Covers all the labs from September 8th to October 12th
• You can bring in the mineral identification sheets that
you filled out in class
Metamorphic Rocks
• Rocks changed by intense heat, intense pressure,
or the action of watery hot fluids
• Every metamorphic rock has a parent rock
• Contact metamorphism – occurs locally
– Adjacent to igneous intrusions or along fractures that are in
contact with watery hot fluids
– Low to moderate pressure
• Regional metamorphism – occurs over very large areas
– Generally accompanied by folding of rock layers
– Moderate to extreme pressure and heat associated with deep
burial or tectonic movements of rock and/or widespread
migration of hot fluids from one region to another
• Foliated - Layering
• Nonfoliated - no obvious layering
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