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Activity 6
By: Abby Baker
Intrusive igneous rock
is the depth by the
crystallization of
Extrusive igneous rock
is a rock formed by an
eruption of lava.
Igneous rocks
Igneous rocks are forms from lava and
cooling magma
Slow cooling allows crystals to form
2 types:
Intrusive and Extrusive
Intrusive igneous rock
It’s formed under ground
It contains very LARGE crystals
ONLY seen during the erosion or uplift
Extrusive igneous rock
It’s formed from magma brought to the earths
Contains TINY crystals that can’t be seen
with the naked eye
Types of volcanic rocks!
Basalt: dark, fine grained
~Low silica
~most common rocks that are on earth
~makes up the ocean floor
~silica rich
~light in color
~fined grained