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Earth’s Land
The impact of waves,
wind, water and ice on
the earth’s land is what
causes erosion. Hawaii/oahu-waves.jpg
How does
erosion, with
shape the land?
What is erosion?
Weathering is one way that rocks are broken into
smaller pieces.
– Erosion is the process by which rock material is
broken down and carried from one place to
another by moving water, wind, or moving ice.
 Water causes more erosion on Earth than wind and
moving ice combined.
Sediments on the move
Materials carried by moving
water are sediments.
you sneeze into a pile of
dust the little particles fly
everywhere, but if you sneeze
into a pile of rocks, they will
stay put. It takes more force
than a sneeze to move those
rocks. Winds and water can
have enough force to move
How sediments move?
Very small pieces of sediment like mud and
clay are picked up very easily by moving wind
and water. But they can settle to the bottom of
calm lakes or to the ground when the air or
water stops moving.
pieces of sediment can be carried in a
stronger current, like fast moving water.
Sediment that can sink to the bottom in a fast
moving river must be very large and heavy.
How do the actions of wind and
water change shorelines?
Waves are driven onto the shore by wind.
rocky shorelines, sand and rocks carried
by the waves break down the rocks and wear
them away.
This method creates the sand, but also removes
it and deposits it in far away place.
How does wind wear down
and build up the land?
Wind erodes the Earth’s surface by
removing sand and silt from one place
to another. (have we heard this
sediments that
are carried weather the
Earth’s surface. ../pics/w_wind2.jpg
How do glaciers change the
land over which they move?
Glaciers do move, gravity is the maid
force that makes valley glaciers move.
surface beneath the glacier is
changed by the weight of the ice and
material carried. space1/maritime.JPG
Why is soil important, and how
can it be conserved?
Soil is the loose rock that covers the
Earth’s land surface.
way to conserve the soil is to leave
plants growing where they are.
Fun Facts
The Pacific Ocean’s shoreline erodes at
a rate of 3 feet per year.
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