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What is Neon?
By Maddie Freeman
What Are Elements?
• Definition: A specific type of atom
• I will be presenting the structure, history,
and importance of Neon.
Neon’s Atom
P= 10
N= 10
Shell L
Shell K
What is the Structure of Neon?
Reddish-orange color
Atomic weight=20
Atomic number=10
Symbol= Ne
What is the History of Neon?
Discoverers: Sir William Ramsay and
M.W. Travers
Discovered in 1898
Predicted Existence: 1897
Discovered while studying air
Why is Neon’s Important?
Neon signs (until 1950 because of colored
Filling lamps
Filling luminous sign tubes
Airplane beacons (neon lights)
Some light bulbs
Interesting Facts
Neon is Greek for “new”
Freezing point- 248.67 C
Melting Point- 246.048 C
People also use the word “neon” to
describe bright colors
I learned…
How to read the periodic table
What neon is used for
How neon was discovered
What the atom of neon looks like
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