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What is Gold?
By Julia Ugras
What Are Elements?
Definition: An element is a specific
type of atom.
I will be presenting the atomic
structure, history and importance of
Shell O
Shell P
Gold’s Atom
Shell K
Shell L
Protons: 79
Neutrons: 119
Shell M
Shell N
What is the
Structure of Gold?
A gold colored metal, has six shells
79 Protons, 79 Electrons and 119
Atomic Weight : 197amu
Atomic Number: 79
Symbol: Au
What is the History of Gold?
No one is attributed to discovering Gold
Believed to be discovered in 3,000 BC
( age of Egyptians)
Is over 5,011 years old
Oldest Gold jewelry is from 700 BC
Why is Gold Important?
Electric Conductors
Interesting Facts
Two thirds of the Earth’s Gold is found in
South Africa
Two thirds of the United States Gold
supply comes from South Dakota and
One ounce of Gold can be beaten down to
300 square feet
Gold can be kept captive inside rocks
I learned lots of interesting information
about Gold
Three main things that interested me
Gold is from the Earth’s crust
Amount of neutrons (119) Gold contains
Gold is over 5,011 years old
Gold is a very interesting and important
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