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Beyond PlaNYC
 Hundreds of mayors have publicly committed to
significant reductions in their cities' GHG remissions
by endorsing the Mayors Climate Protection
 However, relatively few mayors have articulated
detailed plans for how they will achieve their GHG
reduction goals. PlanNYC is most comprehensive to
Cities & Sustainable Community Development
 A small but growing number of cities have integrated
sustainable affordable housing and community
development policies into comprehensive climate
change action plans. Examples:
 Seattle: Mayor Nickles is the champion of the
Mayors Climate Protection Agreement and has
articulated an ambitious green agenda, including the
SeaGreen Affordable Housing initiative
 Boston: In 2007, Mayor Menino pusshed through a
sweeping green building codes
Cities & Sustainable Community Development
 Denver: recently announced that all affordable
housing developments receiving City funds will be
required to meet the Green Communities criteria
starting in 2010; part of City and County of Denver's
official Climate Action Plan
 San Francisco: In 2005, first to make a commitment
to green affordable housing in 2005 (in partnership
with Enterprise); mayor recently put forward a
visionary green plan for the city
Cities & Sustainable Community Development
 Other cities have adopted very strong green
affordable housing policies in the absence of
detailed larger plans for fighting climate change.
Examples include Washington, DC and Cleveland.
 Still other cities are leaders on sustainability overall
that are still figuring out how to incorporate green
affordable housing in a major way, like Chicago.
Cities & Sustainable Community Development
 Bottom line: Cities are where a lot of leadership and
implementation are taking place
 Importance of educating mayors and other local
officials about the benefits of equitable, green
Cities & Sustainable Community Development