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Universidad Mayor Credit Transfer Information
Full-time credit load (undergraduate)
At Universidad Mayor, 15 in-class contact hours is equal to one credit at the University of
Montana. To earn 15 UM semester credits, students should enroll in 225 hours of classes. To
earn a minimum full time load of 12 UM credits, students must enroll in 180 hours of class.
Grade conversion
Mayor Grade
U.S./UM Equivalent
6.0-7 (Muy Bien)
5.0-5.9 (Bueno)
4.0-4.9 (Suficiente)
0-3.9 (Insuficiente)
Upper division
Upper division credit may be granted upon approval by your advisor/department chair upon
your return to The University of Montana. Save your coursework and class syllabi to earn such
Other notes
Chilean transcripts will include the number of contact hours per class to assist UM in
determining the appropriate number of credits.