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Australia, New
Zealand, and Oceania
12.1 | Environment and Culture
O | EN: Diversity
The world’s largest island
Distinct climate zones
Varied habitats for wildlife
The Great Barrier Reef
D | EN: Human Impact
Humans greatly affect their environment
They clear land
Consume resources
Produce waste
And leave to a new land
Consumer Society
T | EN: Choices
Every human today is either part of the problem
Or part of the solution
The Great Barrier Reef’s destruction
O | C: Remote
Early human migrations
Climate change and rising seas
Aborigines in Australia
Closer to African than Asian
Pacific Islanders
Maori in New Zealand
D | C: Western Occupation
Europeans discovered Australia and found little use for it
Eventually, England made it a penal colony
Settlements mainly along East/West coast
British conquest of the Maori
Pacific islands occupied as ports for growing empires
American Samoa
T | C: Globalizing
Australia and New Zealand entered the 1st World
Part of the British Commonwealth
Issues with Aborigine population
Like US treatment of Native Americans
Pacific Island nations reaching out to modernize
Climate change issues with islands disappearing