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Climate Change and Forest Mitigation and Adaptation in a
Polluted Environment
COST Action FP0903
DC Monitoring statement 2010
The DC appreciates the Chair’s enthusiasm and asks the Action to pay close attention to ensuring
that all decision making is consensual. The Action’s website is well structured and informative and
the financing of 4 STSMs during the first Grant Period is commended by the DC. The Action’s efforts
to interact with other relevant Actions, including from outside the FPS Domain (FP0603, FP0803,
ES0804, ES0903) were appreciated by the DC. The DC hopes that the Action will collaborate with
FP0703 regarding the organisation of a workshop on climate change in COST, subject to the
availability of funding from COST.
The DC asks the Action to pay close attention to ensuring that:
Action funds are clearly seen to be spent on Action activities and on avoiding any possibility
that it might be perceived that COST funds are being used to subsidise external events (eg IUFRO
meetings), and
meeting reimbursement places are allocated evenly across the countries having accepted the
MoU of the Action.
COST is supported
by the EU Framework Programme
ESF provides the COST Office
through a European Commission contract