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Explore the scientific names of the muscles
of the body
Identify and explain the differences between
the 3 types of muscles in the body
Understand the structure of the muscle
Research the functions of the muscles
In your book list any muscles that you know in the body.
Try to use the scientific name. See how many you can
write down.
Share with the rest of the class, so that you have a class
list of all the muscles that you know.
Look at the diagram on the following slide to see how
many you have written down
Functions of the muscular system include:
 Provides movement
 Protects organs
 Ensures blood flow
 Provides strength
Quadriceps group
Hamstring group
 Smooth
- involuntary
 Skeletal - voluntary
 Cardiac - involuntary
Lines digestive system
Lines blood vessels
Contracts bladder
Contracts uterus
Movements involve many muscles at a time
Under voluntary control
Moves arms, legs, head
Allows us to change body position, move
Produces most of body heat
Pull on bone
Found only in heart
 Involuntary like smooth muscle
 Pushes blood out of the heart
4 people out the front
I will call out a muscle name and you need to
point to where on your body you think that
muscle is.
If you get it wrong you are out
Last man standing
Learn the names of the muscles of the body