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Suffolk County Community College presents
Bachman’s Warbler (1992)
Symphony No. 1
The Holy City of Ashtabula (1996)
Open Ears I: Electro Acoustic Music • Open Ears II: Perry Goldstein • Open Ears III: Paul Steinberg/Alan Woy • Open Ears
IV: Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players • Open Ears V: Long Island Composers Alliance • Open Ears VI: Tomas Bachli
• Open Ears VII: Subject to Change • Open Ears VIII: Todd Reynolds/Walter Thompson Orchestra • Open Ears IX: The Furious
Band • Open Ears X: Michael Lowenstern • Open Ears XI: Ethel/Julia Wolfe • Open Ears XII: Phil Kline •
Phil Kline's early music training came from listening to records and playing guitar in
garage bands in and around Akron, Ohio. Later, studies at Columbia University and
Mannes College of Music convinced him to buy more records. In New York he founded
the art punk band the Del-Byzanteens with filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, writer Luc Sante
and painter James Nares, and worked on film and video projects with other prominent
artists such as Nan Goldin and Wim Wenders.
In 1990 he started composing for an orchestra of massed boom box tape machines,
producing work that built on the tape loop and phasing techniques of Brian Eno and
Steve Reich, as well as the sound mass experiments of Glenn Branca. "Bachman's
Warbler" for harmonicas and 12 boom boxes was premiered at the Bang On a Can
Marathon in May 1992 and "Carol," his archetypal outdoor mega-boombox event, was
first presented in Greenwich Village that December.
His music, which stretches across the aesthetic boundaries between avant-garde
"classical" music and ambient electronica (not to mention a few adjoining territories,) has
been performed at Alice Tully Hall, the Kitchen, the Whitney Museum, the New Museum
for Contemporary Art, CBGBs, Amoeba, the Brooklyn Anchorage and Central Park. His
first solo CD 'Glow in the Dark' is available on CRI (CD 801) and other works are
forthcoming from CRI, Starkland and Bang On A Can.