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The Range of Disease
Activity #31
Mrs. Hunter, Mr. Robertson and
Mrs. Kozuch
What is an epidemic?
An epidemic occurs when a disease has the
ability to spread quickly from person to person
and occurs at the same time.
What is a pandemic?
If an epidemic covers a large area, such as an
entire country, continent or the whole world, it is
called a pandemic.
An Example of a Pandemic
The best known pandemic in history is
often referred to as the plague or the Black
Death. This disease was transmitted to
humans by flea bites. It was so
contagious that anyone who came in
contact with an infected person could
contract the disease.
You are a newspaper reporter for the
Tribune Review. A terrible outbreak of your
infectious disease has been suspected. Your
job is to use one of the web links provided and a
print source (books or encyclopedias) to
complete the Disease Research Report
Then, you must create a public health notice
in the form of a cartoon to warn the people of
Westmoreland County of the potential dangers.
This notice will appear in Sunday’s
In addition to a book source, use the websites
listed to gather additional information.
1. National Center for Infectious Diseases
2. Medicine Net
3. Mayo Clinic
4. Kids Health
5. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
6. eMedicine
Cartoon Example from Textbook
1. I'm about six years old and I'm
outside playing ball with a friend.
All of a sudden I start to feel HOT!
2. A few hours later,
I'm hotter. I'm itchy,
and I have a
4. She calls the
doctor and
explains my
5. Doctor says—
until he scabs
up! We don't
want to give the
chicken pox to
others. Don't let him scratch either.
oatmeal baths and calamine
lotion might help him feel better."
3. Mom takes one look
at me and finds spots: "I
think you have the chicken
she says.
6. So I feel awful and I'm
itchy, but I get to stay home
from school and watch T.V.
for almost a week!
Scoring Guide: Communication Skills (CS)
What to Look For:
Response uses communication skills to present ideas in the following formats:
• written (e.g., report): sentence structure, grammar, spelling
• oral (e.g., presentation): enunciation, projection, and eye contact
• visual (e.g., poster): balance of light, color, size of lettering, clarity of image
• multimedia (e.g., computer slide show): effective use of available technology
Level 4 Student accomplishes Level 3 and enhance communication in some
Above and beyond significant way, such as:
• using additional images or diagrams effectively
• using additional formats of communication effectively
Level 3 Student communicates ideas clearly with few or no technical errors.
Complete and correct
Level 2 Student may have several technical errors
Almost there BUT they do not prevent the audience from understanding the
Level 1 Student’s communication is unclear
On your way OR many technical errors seriously distract the audience from
understanding the message.
Level 0 Student’s response is missing, illegible, or irrelevant.
X Student had no opportunity to respond.