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1.4 Integrated Circuits
Integrated Circuit: A collection of one or
more gates fabricated on a single silicon
chip is called
an integrated circuit (IC).
SSI: Small-scale integration ICs contain the
equivalent of 1 to 20 gates
MSI: Medium-scale integration ICs contain the
equivalent of 20 to 200 gates
LSI: Large-scale integration ICs contain the
equivalent of 200 to 200,000 gates or more.
small memories, microprocessors, programmable logic devices etc.
1.4 Integrated Circuits
VLSI: Very Large-scale integration. The
dividing line between LSI and very
large-scale integration (VLSI) is fuzzy
and tends to be stated in terms of
transistor count rather than gate count.
Any IC with over 1,000,000 transistors
is definitely VLSI.
In 1999, VLSI ICs with as many as 50
million transistors were being designed.