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Islamic Community (Ummah)
 History
of Damascus
 Damascus
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 World Heritage Sites in Syria
Kufa was the successor of Al-Madina (in today's
Saudi Arabia) as the capital of the Islamic world. This
achievement is not to be understated if we take into
account that Kufa was only founded in 618 AD , by
Sa'ad Bin Abi Waqqas.
Kufa was for a considerable period of time a great
center of learning and trade before being
overshadowed by neighboring city of Najaf.
It was in this city, at the place where now masjid-eKufa stands, that the flood of Prophet Nooh(a.s.) had
started from.
 The
Kufa Collection
 History
of Baghdad
 Baghdad
 Baghdad, Oh, Baghdad.
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 Muslim Spain
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of Cairo
 Cairo
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 History
of Isfahan
 Isfahan
 Iran
Cities :. Isfahan
 Isfahan
Isfahan is one of the oldest cities in
Iran. It was founded even before the rise
of the Achaemenians who ruled Iran in the
fourth and fifth centuries B.C. Some
historians believe that because of its
pleasant climate it was used as summer
residence of the kings.
 After Achaemenians
Isfahan was center
of a large province for almost a
thousand years during the reign of
Parthians and Sassanians. Today
Isfahan is still the center of the province
Isfahan. Little is known about Isfahan in
ancient times, but it is evident that even
then Isfahan was a major center. The
name Isfahan may have come from the
word "Sepahan" which means "Troops"
in farsi language because it was one of
the major centers for gathering troops.
 Throughout
centuries Isfahan managed
to accumulate building of varied styles.
The city was conquered by the Moslems
in the 7th century and from then on
buildings of Perso-Islamic style began
to appear. Isfahan experienced the rule
of various dynasties throughout its long
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of Djenne
 Djenne, Mali
 History
of Istanbul
 The Ataman
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