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Part One: Etiology & Pathophysiology
of Chronic Kidney Disease
By T. Parent Nurse Educator, PHC Community
Hemodialysis Units 2015
• Identifying the cause of kidney disease enables specific therapy
directed at preventing further injury.
Where can the damage occur?
Diabetes is a disease that is caused by the lack of insulin in
the body or body’s ability to properly use normal amounts of
Type 1: Juvenile Onset Diabetes
• Develops mainly in young people
• Is caused by an inability of the pancreas
to produce enough insulin
• Requires regular insulin injections
Type 2: Adult Onset Diabetes
• Usually develops in people after their
teenage years
• The pancreas can produce insulin, but the
body has difficulty using it properly
• Treatments include diet, exercise and
medication (pills, insulin injections or both)
How diabetes affects the kidneys
How old are your Kidneys?