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Altarique Mosley, Mackenzie
Kern, Tailynn Pickney,Robbie
How it works
Geothermal energy is heat from the earth in
a deep layer of out planet. The deep layer
that contains magma is extremely hot, the
heat is a great source of renewable
energy. Heating water and turning it into
steam with the heat released from the
magma, after the steam is available its
pressure is being used to operate a
dynamo that produces electricity.
How the power stations work
Water is heated I the earths crust then it
rises to the surface. When heated water is
forced to the surface, the steam is
captured and used to drive electric
• Geothermal heat systems have lower cost.
• Very flexible
• They are easily inexpensively sub divided
to fit buildings.
• More efficient
• Require large supply of clean water
• Most anti-freeze solutions have very low
• Each unit requires both electrical and
plumbing service.
• Secondary or backup sources are required
in cooler climates
Geothermal Potential
On earth