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Geothermal Energy
Prof. Park
Essex County College
Geothermal Energy
• Geothermal Energy has been around for as long
as the Earth has existed. "Geo" means earth,
and "thermal" means heat. So, geothermal
means earth-heat.
• Have you ever cut a boiled egg in half? The egg
is similar to how the earth looks like inside. The
yellow yolk of the egg is like the core of the
earth. The white part is the mantle of the earth.
And the thin shell of the egg, that would have
surrounded the boiled egg if you didn't peel it off,
is like the earth's crust.
Geothermal Energy
production of electricity from
geothermal energy
Geothermal Hot-spots
Enhanced geothermal system
2:Pump house
3:Heat exchanger
4:Turbine hall
5:Production well
6:Injection well
7:Hot water to district heating
8:Porous sediments
9:Observation well
10:Crystalline bedrock
Global geothermal electric capacity.
Upper red line is installed capacity;[15]
Lower green line is realized production.[2]