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Made by
Jimmy Jordan
Kody Walker
Kyle Schofield
Logan Phillips
Jenna Bezanson
Important Information
Diameter=12,103 km
Earth=12,756 km
243 days to rotate around sun
Brightest object in the sky
except for sun and the
temperature ranges from
+850ºF to -135ºF
Elements: 96% carbon dioxide
3.5% nitrogen
less than .5% other gases
traces of oxygen (0.01%)
William Herschel
was one of the
first astronomers
to see cloud
patterns on Venus,
also known for
discovering Uranus
Info about the planet
• Lots of big volcanoes
• Impact craters are
made by meteorites
crashing on the planet.
• Igneous rocks form
when lava cools
• The crust of Venus is
20 miles thick
Life on Venus??
• Venus is inhabitable
meaning no one can
live there.
• It is the most deadly
planet in the solar
• Atmosphere is so
• Its not too hot not too
cold,its just the
atmosphere that’s so
Early History
• When first discovered, when astronomers
looked at Venus from a telescope they saw
that the planet had small little oceans that
was just a myth because any evidence of
oceans were destroyed by lava floods all
over the planet . But over time the planet
was choked and dried and became how it is
Getting to Venus
• 67.2 million miles from the sun
• In a car going 65 miles per hour it would
take 45.3 years to reach Venus