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From The
Inside of the
Earth’s crust!!
was a Metamorphic
Which just means that I was going through
a change, well why do I go through a
Because deep inside the Earth’s crust, I am
put under big pressures and very high
temperatures. This causes me to change!
In this process, it get’s so hot deep
inside the Earth that I actually begin
to melt!
This molten material is called
It rises up from the earth’s crust. And
that is how we get volcanoes!
I came out of
the Volcano!!
Now I am a intrusive igneous
rock! I am finally cooling down,
but it will take a while! It will
take hundreds of years until I
become a crystal rock!
I am a very smooth rock, like
Weathering away!
Oh no! what is happening, I
am weathering away!
1. Hot and cold
temperatures can cause
rocks to break apart!
2. Different kinds of
chemicals dissolve rocks.
Rocks can even be
dissolved by water, and
acid rain causes rocks to
weather away.
3. I can be broken up by
tree roots that force
themselves and cause
cracks that eventually
cause rocks to break
I became small and tiny after I
was weathered away, this
means it is easier for me to
travel. This is called Erosion.
And eventually I end up in a
lake, river or ocean.
Layers of rocks are
squeezed together and
mix with water. They
begin to stick together,
they are formed by
layers that build up after
millions of years. They
are stacked on top of
each other. This is called
Sedimentary rocks !