Download Seafloor Siphons or What’s Going on in the Basement?!

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Seafloor Siphons or What’s
Going on in the Basement?!
Water Cycle
 Students: On your own paper, draw a diagram of the
water cycle and label the parts
Groundwater Terms
Porosity – amount of open space within a
rock unit
Permeability – how interconnected the open space within a
rock is; ability of water to flow through a material.
Aquifer – high porosity and permeable
geologic material through which fluid can
easily flow.
Plate Tectonic Review
Plate Boundary Terms
 Divergent Boundaries – two plates moving apart –
new crust being formed (ex – mid ocean ridges)
 Convergent Boundaries – two plates colliding results
in either subduction zones or mountain formation
 Transform Boundaries – two plates sliding past each
Major Tectonic Plates of the world
Optional Video Resource
 National Geographic Education – Plate Tectonics with
Bob Ballard (5:47min)
Global Heat Flow Diagram
Pollack, H.N., Hurter, S.J., and Johnson, J.R., Heat flow
from the earth's interior: analysis of the global data set,
Reviews of Geophysics 31(3), 267-280, 1993.