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Identify 2 unsafe laboratory
procedures the student is performing.
1. Test tube is pointing at him.
2. He is not wearing goggles
Approximately on what day did both
species have populations of the same size?
0 and
Day 5.5 or 6
The Independent variable is:
Name the
dependent variable:
Number of Colonies of
Bacteria present in Culture
Name the
independent variable
pH values
range from:
0 to 14
What would be a hypothesis
for the following problems?
1. Do mice prefer peanut butter
over cheese?
Mice prefer cheese over peanut butter.
Mice like peanut butter and cheese equally.
2. How does pH affect the growth of corn?
Hint: Remember that pH deals with acids and bases.
Corn will grow best in acidic soil.
Corn will grow best in a neutral soil.
What hypothesis is probably being investigated here?
Lily plants grow best in cooler temperatures.
Lilies grow best in 20 degrees celcius.
What is the independent variable? Hint: the variable being manipulated
What are some variables kept constant? Same pot, same kind of plant, same light color ,
same distance from the light, same amount of water, same type of soil.
What is the value of
each line division?
What is the volume of the liquid?
24 ml
What is the name of the
instrument used to measure
this volume?
Graduated Cylinder
How many Paramecium aurelia are there in day 10?
There are 250 paramecium