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The Internet
The Manager
Most companies realize that the
Internet is here to stay. Business
leaders realize that in order to
maintain their competitive edge,
their companies must become ebusinesses.
- Anita Rosen
What We’ll Discuss
• Growth of the Internet
• Internet Vocabulary
• Searching the Internet
Growth of the Internet
• Use of the Internet in business is
continually growing and expanding
• New tools are being introduced
• Increasing use of computers for farm
– Lots of opportunity to expand use
• How do you view the future of the
Internet and its use?
Internet Vocabulary
• Internet – world-wide interconnected
collection of smaller networks
• World Wide Web (WWW) – collection of
websites that can be browsed
• Website – consists of one or more web
• Webpage – foundation of the WWW
Internet Vocabulary
• Web browser – software that translates the
code web pages are written in (Internet
Explorer, Foxfire, Netscape Navigator)
• Software – what tells your computer to do
things (computer programs)
• Hardware – physical components of the
computer system
• E-______ - electronic anything (mail,
commerce, newsletter, etc.)
Internet, WWW, and computer relationship
Searching (and finding) on the Internet
• Start with a search engine
• Develop a topic that you want to search on
– Start specific and move to more generalized
• Try different spellings, orderings, and use of
– Ex. Corn maze vs. corn maize
– Ex. Marketing fruit vs. fruit marketing
– Ex. “marketing cheese” vs. marketing cheese
• Try different search engines
– May get different results
What’s coming…
• The Internet as a Communications Tool
• Business Planning and Market Research
on the Internet
• e-Commerce: Buying and Selling on the
• Developing and Maintaining Your Own
• Promoting Your Website
Section Wrap-up
• Use of the internet for business is on
the rise
• Knowing how to search the internet is
valuable in finding essential