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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - BT McElrath
Chocolatier, Inc. Announces Nationwide Recall Of Peanut Butter
Pave Due To Possible Health Risks
FDA issued a notice regarding the recall of the seasonal peanut
butter pave by BT McElrath Chocolatier, Inc. in the US associated
with the recall of Sunland, Inc.’s peanut butter products due to
possible contamination with Salmonella.
Position of 
According to FDA, the products were distributed in US through
retail stores, mail order, and direct sales.
Acquisition of the products through online purchase or
international travel cannot be excluded.
Salmonella infection may cause fever and gastrointestinal upset
such as abdominal pain and diarrhoea. People with lowered
immunity such as infants and the elderly could present with more
severe and even life-threatening infection.
Consumers should discard the product and not consume it.
CFS will remain vigilant and monitor for any new development
and take appropriate actions when necessary
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Posted on: 31 October 2012