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Brigid Bishop, Hannah Phillips and Zhya Shephard
FDA (Food and Drug
Administration) and CPSC
(Consumer Product Safety
FDA(Food and Drug Administration)
Regulates the labeling of products and safety of food,drugs,and cosmetics
Monitors the nutrition facts to ensure that they are accurate
Approves and Review products for the market to ensure there are no risks for the consumer
The government passes legislation to give the FDA more oversight
FDA ensure the security of the food supply and the development of medical products to
respond to deliberate and naturally emerging public health threats.
CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission)
• Oversees the safety of toys,electronics,and household furniture
• Was created from the Consumer Product Safety Act
• It sets standards and recall products that could or are hazardous also make
• Helps enforce the Hazardous Substance Act,Flammable Fabrics Act,Poison
Prevention Packaging Act, and Refrigerator Safety Act
● Overall are made to protect the
safety of the consumer
● Helps enforce law and regulations
● Set guidelines for the manufacturer
to follow