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Mexoryl: L’Oreal
Professor Myles Bassell
Business 50.9 Consumer Behavior
Brooklyn College
Case Study
Critical Thinking and Concept Application
Chapter 1 Consumers Rule: Mexoryl – L’Oreal: Skin Cancer
When did the welfare of consumers become an issue?
List 3 government agencies have been created to oversee consumer-related activities?
Go to What type of risk is the Consumer Product
Safety Commission trying to protect us from?
Go to What is the mission of the
Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.)?
A growing number of Americans obtain their
medications from foreign locations, often seeking
out suppliers in Canada. But FDA cannot ensure
the safety of drugs bought from these sources.
List 6 potential health risks with imported drugs
that are mentioned near the bottom of the article
“Imported Drugs Raise Safety Concerns” Go to
What is Mexoryl and what are the alleged
benefits of the ingredient? What is the difference
between UVA and UVB rays? If such a product
is available in other first world countries, discuss
the ethical implications of the F.D.A. not allowing
the same product to be available to U.S.
consumers. Is the F.D.A. protecting or harming
people? Is the government justified in its concern
for consumer safety?
Until summer 2006 it was illegal for people to obtain Mexoryl based products in the United
States. Was it therefore also unethical to buy such products on the internet? Is it acceptable
to buy FDA banned products in Canada and bring them back to the US? Is it any different
than buying marijuana in Amsterdam (where it is legal) and consuming it in the US?