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Legal and Ethical
Considerations in Cellular
Carita Bird
Genetic Testing
Associated with development of cancer,
specifically breast cancer
Gene mutations linked to the development
of breast and ovarian CA
Genetic Testing
Ethical issues
Employment discrimination
Bias on insurance
Bias on insurance rates
Effect on children, siblings, family concerns
Right to Die
 Do not resuscitate
 Done if patient is competent to make the choice
 Choice should be honored
 Should continue to receive appropriate nursing
interventions regardless of DNR status
Allocation of Scarce Resources
How do the bills for services get paid
Pain Control
Pain is the most feared consequence of
70% of patients with advanced cancer
experience pain
Pain Control
Inability to communicate pain should not =
no pain (need appropriate pain scale)
Other medication routes such as rectal or
sublingual can be used toward the end of
Teach family about pain assessment and
administration of pain meds via other
Pain Control
Family needs to understand that
administration of pain med will not CAUSE
Inform patients that testicular and ovarian
function can be affected by chemo
Normal ovulation, early menopause, or
sterility may be the result of chemo
Sperm may be absent during chemo
Sperm banking is recommended prior to
Advised to continue to use birth control
during chemo