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Be Computer Smart
Internet Safety
Kathy Pascavage
Cyberpals are strangers. Never
meet a cyberpal face to face
without taking a safe adult with
Never give out any personal
identity information unless a
safe adult says it’s OK.
Be a good cyber citizen.
Copying information from a web
site and pretending it is yours is
called plagiarism.
Downloading or sharing
copyright protected software
without permission is stealing.
Learn to recognize
Protect yourself, your family,
and your friends by not giving
any identification information to
any Website without permission
from a safe adult.
Smart searching includes trying
more then one site and more
then one keyword.
Find out how to view high quality
web sites that are trustworthy.
Cyberspace connects real
people and information around
the world.
Remember to keep your
passwords private.
Ask your family and school to
use anti-virus software and
firewalls to protect your
computer and your work.
By understanding and following
these rules, you will keep your
computer, your family, and
yourself safe.