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ANTH 120 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Thursday, October 923, 2003
Marriage and the Family
Notes from Video: Marriage and the Family
Turkana and polygyny
Zaire pygmies - exogamy & alliances with
other tribes
northern India and extended families
Greek Americans and arranged marriage
The family as the cornerstone
of our culture
Minimizes sexual competition
Provides cooperative alliances
Forms the basic economic unit
Provides emotional support
Engels on the Family
Savagery - group marriage - societas
Barbarism - pairing marriage - clan
organization based on kinship - societas matriarchy
Civilization - monogamy, supplemented by
adultery and prostitution - civitas, based on
property - the state - patriarachy
ANTH 120 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Tuesday, October 28, 2003
Kinship and Descent
Part I
Notes from Video: Kinship and Descent
Trobriand Islanders
Mendi (New Guinea)
Unilineal descent” patrilineal & matrilineal
Lenski: Societal Types & History
Lewis Henry Morgan
Systems of Consanguity and Affinity
in the Human Family (1870)
Lewis Henry Morgan
societas -- kinship -- classificatory
civitas -- property -- descriptive
Kinship is not biological but a cultural construct.
Kottak’s term, “biological kin types” is
Kinship is one of the great cultural inventions of
our species, an invention that is essential for
all human society
“Kinship Algebra” &
basic kin relations
F - father
M - mother
B - brother
Z - sister
S - son
D - daughter
H - husband
W - wife
“Kinship Algebra” &
basic kin relations
See charts
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