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• Coined in 1968
• Jerome Rothenberg wrote
“Technicians of the Sacred”
• Non-Western poetry
• Poetry from indigenous or ancient
• Use of primitive or oral traditions in
born 1931
• Teaches English and
Anthropology at State University
of New York, Buffalo
• Has written a lot about Mayan
“The emphasis has been on performances in which
the speaking, chanting, or singing voice gives shape
to proverbs, riddles, curses, laments, praises,
prayers, prophecies, public announcements, and
Professor of anthropology at
University of Texas, Austin
“All the world’s a poem and poems are in every sense real,
etching lines of action and mood across the sensations,
vibrations, movements, and intensities that comprise both
experience and states of matter. But poems have to be
achieved; they’re compositions at work in the everyday.”
• Linguist
• Anthropologist
• Studied Native American and South
Asian languages
• Expert in California Native Languages
Stanley Diamond
• Poet
• Anthropologist
George Quasha
born 1942