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English 11 – EOP
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Unit 3 Lesson 3: Danny Deever
consciously use and evaluate a wide variety of strategies before, during, and after reading,
viewing, and listening, to increase their comprehension and recall
explain the effects of a variety of literary devices and techniques, including figurative
language, symbolism, parody, and irony
demonstrate an understanding of the main ideas, events, or themes of a variety of
increasingly complex novels, dramas, stories, poetry, other print material, and electronic
develop coherent and plausible interpretations of abstract, complex, or specialized materials
interpret details and subtleties to clarify gaps or ambiguities in written, oral or visual works
Kipling’s masterful use of dialect brings color, realism, and a sense of dread to the conversation
between two soldiers, one a hard-bitten veteran, the other still green. Their exchange may be seen
as a small drama behind which is the shadow of murder and very grim punishment.
Lesson Components:
Do Notes on the author and the speaker in dramatic poetry on page 568.
Do Focus activity on page 568.
Read the poem, Danny Deever, on pages 569-570 using the active reading strategies for
poetry (page 546).
Complete questions 1, 5-8 in Responding to the Selection on page 571.
Complete questions 1-3 in Analyzing Literature on page 571.
Complete the worksheet, Understanding Dialect.