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Greek gods and Goddesses
Table of contents
2....Someone Gets Earthy
3...The Two Titans
5…The Master of disaster
6...Nature Lady
7...Someone Gets salty
8...Family girl
9...Mr. Lighting
10...Time to Fly Away
In Greece there were hundreds of people in the Greek Gods and
Goddesses family. They have a huge family that always has disagreements and
strange things happening. “Zeus falls in love easily and had many affairs with
various women, however he would severely punish anybody who attempted to fall
in love with his wife, Hera,” said by
Zeus is one of the strangest ones he has many affairs with different woman
but gets very mad when someone falls in love with Hera or his other girlfriends.
When I first read a book about Greek Gods and Goddesses I was amazed
by all of the fights and weirdness going on in their family. Like other relationships,
marriage, and kids. Hades married Persephone, Poseidon was dated many girls,
Zeus had a kid with almost every greek goddess, and it keeps going on and on.
So, before we start, get covered up because Hestia, Hades, Demeter,
Poseidon, Hera, and Zeus get angry easily. But before we get to them you're
going to meet the people who started the family.
Picture of the 12 olympians.
Someone Gets Earthy
It will bring them closer, right? Well to answer your question,
NO. The second set of kids were the Elder Cyclopes. They were
disgusting, but Gaea still loved them. Gaea was very happy until
Ouranos saw his kids. “These kids aren’t mine I never want to see
them again.” Ouranos screamed. ‘“Then don’t” Gaea screamed.
“Okay” Ouranos took the kids, chained them up, then threw them to
the underworld dome. Gaea got very angry she started to scream and
yell. Then, the earth started to rumble and shake and that was the first
earthquake. So we could all thank Ouranos when we have a
Gaea was very angry, but again she wanted her kids to have a
father, so she had another set of kids. It will bring them closer this
time, right? Again to answer your question, NO. Their kids were uglier
than The Elder Cyclopes. The kids had hundred hands each and had
disgusting faces. Their names were The Hundred-Handed Ones.
When Ouranos saw these kids he went crazy. He took them from her
when they were babies chained them up and threw them as hard as
he could to Tartarus. And last time you thought he went crazy.
Gaea was so mad, “I’m never going to make up with you ever
again!!!” She stormed away and figured why not have another
earthquake, so she did. The earth rumbled and all the Nature
Nymphes took shelter, again.
Now everybody hated Ouranos. Gaea because he threw her
kids into Tartarus, the Nature Nymphes because he caused the earth
to rumble multiple times. But most of all the Titans because he messed
Once there was a big blob of fog. His name was Chaos. Chaos
loved everything about being a big blob except the loneliness. So one day
Chaos created the earth, Gaea. Gaea could change into a human or she
could just be the earth.
So Gaea would roam the earth. But all of you guys probably
heard apples don’t fall far from the tree. So Gaea ended up becoming
lonely just like her creator. So she resolved her problem by CREATING
Ouranos. Ouranos was the sky, he could change just like Gaea. He could
change into a human form or could stay the sky. But he looked different
then other gods. Ouranos in the day had a light blue sky on his skin and
for night her had the moon and the stars.
Ouranos and Gaea ended up getting married. And Chaos became
very proud of himself, so he created 2 more parts of the earth. The dome
underneath the earth was ruled by Tartarus, the pit of evil. He also
created the water, Pontus. Tartarus and Pontus both loved Gaea but
never showed it because they were afraid of Ouranos.Gaea and Ouranos
had their first set of kids named The Titans, the youngest one Cronus
ruled the world after he stabbed his father to death. After Gaea had the
kids Ouranos started to spend most of the time in the sky. Gaea got very
mad that she had to take care of all of the twelve kids by herself that she
started to fight with Ouranos. But Gaea didn’t want her kids to have no
father so she ended up having another set of kids with him.
with their mother.
Gaea roaming
the earth
One of The
Elder Cyclopes
The Hundred
Handed ones
Weird fact
Cronus killed his father
with his four brothers and they
split the land of Greece.
The Two Titans
As you already know Cronus kills his father and becomes the ruler. He married his sister
Rhea. But before we carry on if you’re still thinking about The Elder Cyclopes and The
Hundred-Handed Ones, Cronus let them out of the Tartarus, then threw them back in, but then
Zeus let them out again. They were thankful Zeus wasn’t like Cronus.
But now let’s get back to Rhea. The prettiest titan. “Rhea was a Titan goddess of fertility and
motherhood. She was very gentle and comfortable.” reported
Rhea had six kids with Cronus. First a beautiful baby girl named Hestia. When Cronus saw
Hestia he remember what his dad said to him before he was dad, “Your fate will become the same
as mine!!!”
Cronus looked at Hestia she did not look like a baby titan, then that’s when he realized she
was a god. Cronus had to react fast, so he did the worse thing a parent could do, swallow their
Rhea started to cry and yell, but he was the ruler of the world. What could she have done?
Then, Cronus promised he wouldn’t do it again. But when he saw Hades he swallowed him,
and the same for Demeter. Again Rhea and Cronus had 3 more kids Poseidon, Hera, and Zeus.
He swallowed Poseidon and Hera. But that’s when Rhea had enough.
She gave birth to Zeus in the woods and gave Cronus a baby sized rock, he swallowed it
without even looking at it. Rhea pretended to cry and yell, but then raised up Zeus secretly. Zeus
ended up killing his father and getting his siblings out. He became the new ruler.
But before we get to the mighty Zeus, we’re going in order. Lady’s first.
Rhea with
Ms. Peaceful
Hestia the most peaceful goddess of all. She was the one who
wanted to make peace with her father because she hates combat. “Hestia
was the goddess of the hearth, home, architecture, domesticity, family, and
the state. She was one of only three virgin goddesses, next to Athena and
Artemis.” said by
Hestia had no kids and no husband. Both Poseidon and another god
Apollo wanted to marry her. But she begged Zeus to be single and he
allowed her to be single forever.
She was the one who was in control of watching the hearth. Are you
wondering why someone has to look over the hearth. Well the answer is
because the titan Prometheus wanted to take the fire. He wanted to take the
fire because he wanted to give it to his creation. Humans. Prometheus one
day took some fire and gave it to humans. Some stories say Hestia helped
him because she never leaves the fire. But other stories say she got
distracted by something. But anyway, when Zeus figured this out he chained
Prometheus up and made a eagle eat his flesh every morning and because
he was a titan he healed. He gets eaten, he gets healed, he gets eaten, he
gets healed. The cycle kept on going on and on.
That’s enough with Hestia. Let’s go on with the second and most
creepiest god, Hades.
Hestia, with her favorite thing fire.
The Master of Disaster
Hades, the guy that doesn’t know that he’s the weird one of the group. And gets mad that no one visits him. “Hades was
the god of the underworld and the name eventually came to also describe the home of the dead as well.”
There isn’t much stories about Hades, but here’s a major story.
Hades one day was going to the earth and he spotted Persephone and it was love at first sight. Persephone was
Demeter’s favorite kid and she does not like hades, at all. But Hades went up to Zeus, Persephone's father, and asked him for his
approval. Zeus replied yes, but he said Demeter wouldn’t want you to marry her. So, Zeus made a plan for Hades to kidnap
Hades brought her to the underworld and she started to scream and yell. She stayed in her room and never came out until
one day. Persephone was bored, so she came out of her room. She overheard Hades talking to Hermes, the messenger god,
and Hermes said something about Demeter. Persephone ran inside the room and said to Hades, “I told you she would come
down here and get me!!” Hades responded, “Your mother is not coming down here. She is just going to take all crops and food
away from humans.” Persephone thought her mother would never do that. But, the way Hades said it she knew he wasn’t lying.
So, she ran in her room and came out a couple months later. She didn’t want to see Hades, so she ran downstairs and
found a beautiful garden. She sat down and a little servant came up and asked if she wanted some pomegranate. She said no,
but then her belly started to make noise she she ate three pieces of pomegranate.
But, then Hades walked in with Hermes. Hermes said that she had to be brought back to her mother because every human
is dying. Persephone got asked some questions, but then Hermes asked if she ate any food. She showed him her hands that
were colored in juice. Eating at someone’s house back then meant that you trusted them and that you would be pleased to stay.
So Hades got married to Persephone and she ended up staying with Hades for a third of the year and the other two thirds was
with her mother.
That’s enough sad stories let’s get to someone a little bit happier, Demeter.
Creepy Fact
Persephone had a kid with Zeus, when
he was disguised as her husband,
Hades. The kid's name was Melinoe
Nature Lady
Demeter the one that loves every part of nature. “Demeter is the
goddess of the harvest and presides over grains and the fertility of the
earth” written by
Even if Demeter seems like she never had any kids she had many.
Once when Demeter was walking in a field of crops, Zeus started
to flirt with her. She transformed into a snake and hid in a hole. Zeus
transformed into a snake too and blocked the way of the exit. So Demeter
was trapped. Zeus seduced Demeter. Demeter ended up having a
beautiful baby girl named Persephone.
I would like to say that was the only other person she dated by
force, but there’s another
Once she was walking the beach and Poseidon saw her. Poseidon
had a crush on Demeter since forever, so he started to flirt. She changed
into a horse and rode off to a group of horses. Poseidon could control the
horses and he ended up trapping her. Poseidon also seduced Demeter.
Demeter ended up having two kids. Despoine, she was the goddess of
mysteries of Arcadian. And Areion, a immortal horse.
Well now let’s get to the father of those two, Poseidon.
Someone gets salty
Poseidon, the saltiest guy in the sea.
“Poseidon was god of the sea, earthquakes,
storms, and horses,” stated
Poseidon had many loves like when he
fell in love with Eurynome and gave her a
beautiful baby hero, Bellerophon. And when
he fell in love with Kalyke and she gave birth
to kyknos.
He fell in love with any pretty woman
and either dated them or gave them a
beautiful child.
The most known story about Poseidon
is the story about Demeter. But we already
got to that one.
There is not much to say about
Poseidon, but that he was the father of a lot
of Greek heroes.
But let’s get to Hera the Family girl.
Poseidon with his beloved trident
Bellerophon and his magical horse.
Family Girl
The second last born kid of Cronus and Rhea, Hera. Hera the goddess of marriage
and family. She is also the second most attractive Greek Goddess. All she wanted was a
lifetime/forever marriage.
But Zeus got his hands on her and they ended up getting married. Zeus had a huge
crush on Hera, but Hera knew that his relationships always ended and she wanted a lifetime
marriage. But she promised Zeus if she said I love you to him she would marry him. And she
ended up saying it because he was disguised as her favorite animal, a cuckoo bird. They had
three kids. First Ares, the god of war. Then, Hebe, the goddess of youthful beauty. And last
Eileithyia, the goddess of childbirth.
Again we are getting to that sister married brother thing. When I figured this out I
almost puked. It is disgusting. They kept on having kids with their siblings when I was reading
a Greek Gods and Goddess.
Zeus let Hera have her lifetime mariage dream for 400 years, but then missed the
single days and started to cheat on her.
You might think since Hera is the goddess of marriage and family she might be very
lovely, but you're wrong. Whenever Hera found one of Zeus’s girlfriend she would go nuts.
She kills them, or she might change them into something like animals and nature.
One time Zeus was meeting up with someone in the woods and Hera was there too.
When Hera came up to Zeus, Zeus changed his girlfriend into one of her favorite animals, a
cow. Zeus said she was a present but Hera knew that it was another girlfriend. So when he
gave the cow to Hera, Hera sent it to a dungeon so it could be guarded forever.
Once she got so mad at Zeus that she made a child on her own. She named him
Hephaestus. He was so ugly Hera threw him out the window.
Hera goes crazy many more times even I was amazed by what crazy and creative
things she does. I once was reading that story for the first time and I thought she would be the
sweetest goddess, but I was incorrect.
But if you think Zeus went crazy on Hera you haven’t met him.
Story Time
Hephaestus has short tiny legs and
is very weak. He became weaker when
Hera threw him off Mount Olympus and
broke all of his bones. One tribe helped
him get healed and he revenged his
mother by trapping and choking her on
a chair for a couple days.
Ares in war
Mr. Lighting
Zeus, the god of the sky, weather, and most of all, the god of the
universe. He was always busy with ruling the world, but he did many more
things than just control the world. He got himself in many affairs with
women. He was the father of most of the Greek heroes and gods. He got
married three times. First, to his aunt Metis, “She was the first wife of
Zeus, and became the goddess of wisdom, prudence and deep thought.”
written by
Metis was pregnant when she told Zeus their baby was a girl and
one day she was going to become the ruler like Zeus. Zeus didn’t want to
become overthrown, so he swallowed her.
After his first wife nobody really wanted to marry him, only one
person said yes, his other aunt Themis, “She was the titan that created the
divine laws that govern everything.” wroten by
Themis got pregnant with The Horai, They control the seasons.
Then she got pregnant again with The Moriai, they control fates. The
Moriai were very creepy and were born old. Have you ever seen Hercules.
If you have then The Moriai is those ladies that cut the string of life.
Everyone thought they were crazy, so Zeus politely told Themis
that it wasn’t working out. Themis was actually very happy because she
was glad that Zeus didn’t end their relationship like he did with Metis.
His last wife was Hera, “She is known for being the Goddess of
Marriage & Birth.” wroten by
They had three kids. First Ares, the god of war. Then, Hebe, the
goddess of youthful beauty. And last Eileithyia, the goddess of childbirth.
Zeus had many more affairs and children with goddesses, Nature
Nymphs, and mortals.
Lighting Fast Fact
Did you Know that Metis had
the baby in Zeus’ stomach and
became Deep thought!! That
baby’s name was Athena. She
got out by making Zeus cut his
head open!!!
Zeus and Hera
The Horai
The Moriai
Time to Fly away
There is many more children and affairs of the Greek
Gods and Goddess. There is 6 more major Greek gods
“Apollo is one of the most complex and important
gods, and is the god of many things including: music, poetry,
art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, sun, light and
knowledge. Ares is the god of war. Dionysus was the god of
the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness,
religious ecstasy and theatre. Hephaestus was the god of
fire, metalworking, stone masonry, forges and the art of
sculpture. Hermes was god of trade, thieves, travelers,
sports, athletes, and border crossings, guide to the
Underworld. Aphrodite was the goddess of fertility, love,
and beauty. Artemis was goddess of wildlife and patroness of
hunters. Athena was the Goddess of War, the female
counterpart of Ares.” wrote
I suggest learning more about those Greek Gods,
and Goddess because everyone of them has a amazing and
abstract story.
If you want to continue to read more about them I
suggest, or Percy Jackson’s Greek
Gods book.
Please check out me from any library to learn more
about Greek Gods and Goddesses.
Apollo with his bow and arrow
Dionysus eating and drinking wine
Hermes flying to share news
Nature Nymphs: People that’s parents are parts of the earth, for example Mountain Nymphs, forest nymphs and more.
Tartarus: A part of the underworld where people have to work with no breaks and where people suffer.
Combat: Fighting against armed forces.
Hearth: The fireplace.
Seduce: To persuade to have a child.
The End