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Food Labels
Food Label
Panel of nutrition
required on all
processed foods
regulated by the
Food and Drug
Nutrition Facts
Title of
that is required on
most foods
Serving Size: is the listing of food that is
considered one serving
Provided in familiar units, such as cups or
pieces, followed by the metric amount, e.g., the
number of grams
Serving per container: listing of number of servings
in container or package
 Calories: number of calories in 1 serving
 Calories provide a measure of how much
energy you get from a serving of the
 The General Guide to Calories provides
a general reference for calories when you
look at a Nutrition Facts label. This
guide is based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
• % Daily Value: Based on
2000 calorie diet
• Eating too much fat,
saturated fat, trans fat,
cholesterol, or sodium may
increase your risk of certain
chronic diseases, like heart
disease, some cancers, or
high blood pressure.
• % Daily Values
• 5% or less is LOW
• 20% or more is
Dietary Fiber: Aim for
Vitamins and Minerals:
Aim for 100% of DV
through a wide variety
of foods
• Ingredients listing: list of ingredients in a food. The
ingredients are listed in order of quantity in food, the
most to least.
• Fat free: contains less than 0.5 g fat
• Sugar free: contains less than 0.5 g sugars
• Fat free: contains less than 0.5 g fat
• Sugar free: contains less than 0.5 g sugars