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The Persian Wars: Background Information
The Persians were a group of people that came from the area that is now Iran.
As the Persians expanded to the west, they tried to conquer the Greek territory.
The War Begins
The Battle of Marathon- 490 BCE- The Persians landed at Marathon. The Persians were led by King Darius. The Greeks
were outnumbered, but won.
The Battle of Thermopylae- In 480 BCE, a small army held back the Persians. However, a Greek traitor helped the
Persians find another route to the Greek soldiers. The Greeks lost this battle.
Destruction of Athens- The Athenian leader lets the Persians destroy Athens because he wants to fight at sea instead.
The Battle of Salamis- In 480 BCE, the Greeks defeat the Persians at sea, near the island of Salamis.
The Battle of Plataea- In 479 BCE, A large Greek army defeats the Persians on land at Plataea, while the navy also wins a
battle at sea.
The Delian League- In 478 BCE, many Greek states gave money and ships to form a large, strong navy to protect everyone
in the future. This would protect them if the Persians tried to attack again.
End of the Persian Wars- Small battles continued until 449 BCE, when the Greek Delian League signed a peace treaty with
the Persians.