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Canada’s Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector
to R&D
Employment: 2 million
people and accounts
for 9% of Canada’s
The right workers
Fast, easy access to
American customers
Abundant supply of
safe, high quality inputs
A solid business
investment climate
Lowest business costs
in North America
Record growth
in exports
The Right Workers
• Canada has the
workers, the skills,
and wage levels
and low turnover
rates that make
doing business
more profitable.
Fast, Easy Access to American Customers
• Products from Canada
enter the United States at
156 border crossings from
the Atlantic to the Pacific.
• Interstate highways such
as I-5, I-29, I-75 and I-95
lead directly to major
Canadian processing
A Solid Business Investment Climate
• surplus in federal
government financial
• low interest rates
• low inflation rates
• growing domestic
Record Growth Over Last 6 Years
• Canada has
greatly increased
exports this
• Canada is the
largest source of
agri-food imports
to the United
Low Overall Location Costs
Canada has recorded the lowest overall business costs in
North America.
Canada offers
food processors:
• the lowest initial
investment costs for
land and buildings
• competitive labor
• and benefits
• a 5.7% cost
advantage over
the U.S.
Source: KPMG, The Competitive Alternatives, G-7 Edition
Abundant Supply of Safe, High Quality Inputs
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) gives Canadian-based
food processors a competitive edge.
Effective risk management and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
(HACCP) based inspection
systems facilitate
safe products
and access to
The CFIA provides:
North American
food inspection
product certification
and world
monitoring of imports
registration and
inspection of
food processing plants
Canada’s Commitment to Research and Development
• R&D Incentives - e.g Scientific Research and Experimental
Development Tax Incentive Program
• Growth in Collaborative R&D - e.g. Matching Investment Initiative
• Innovative R&D Food Networks
- e.g. Centres of Excellence
• Leading Packaging &
Processing Technology
Any questions or comments?
Please contact us by:
Rick Cooper, Director, Investment Secretariat
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
930 Carling Avenue, 8th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0C5
[email protected]