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NDT & Corrosion Control Services
Standard Operating Procedure
Document # SOP 091-1
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Approved By:
Issue: 1/1
Date: 20 / 4 / 2000
Title: Visual Inspection of Welded Components
1.0 Scope:
This procedure specifies the minimum requirement to carry out the visual
inspection of welded components.
2.0 References:
ASME SEC-V Article –9
3.0 Inspection Tools :
Measuring Tape, Mirror, Magnifying glass, and Weld gauge.
4.0 Inspection personnel:
Persons performing this inspection shall be qualified at least visual testing
examination level II (VT-II) as per ASNT / ANSI– SNT–TC– IA / 1996.
5.0 Procedure / Technique:
5.1 Visual examination shall be carried out as per the following activities to
determine the surface condition of welded component with the applicable
5.1.1 Check for surface defects, such as porosity, spatter,
slag, crack, undercut and cavity.
5.1.2 Measure the weld reinforcement using the weld
5.1.3 Measure the throat and the size of the fillet weld.
5.1.4 Measure the depth of undercut, if any.
5.1.5 Check the route for :a) Root concavity
b) Any mismatch
c) Root undercut
d) Any excess penetrations with
the aid of inspection mirror if
the weld is accessible.
5.1.6 Evaluate all the surface imperfections with
reference to the code.
5.1.7 Record all the unacceptable imperfections and
prepare a test report on ‘Visual Inspection of
Welded Components - qf 091-08