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Opportunities for
brands by engaging
with the Big Idea
Use the innovative ideas
in their own sales drive
Get the best talent
working on their account
Test/launch products and
services in new creative
Generate high-level
brand awareness via
Join the panel of judges
5 Options for brands
to engage with the
1. Business partner
2. Key partner
3. Conference partner
4. Event partner
5. Judge
Become a Big Idea Live Business Partner
• These brands will be fully involved with the event
• They will be able to build and test an event using the winning entries
to engage with their customers at LIVE events
• Have the brightest talent work on their account
• Brand promotion via Marketing Week and viral campaigns
Big Idea Live Key Partners
Brands who want to be involved – who
can contribute to the success of the
event by supporting the infrastructure or
by supplying products and services.
Key Partners will receive:
•Partner promotional support package of
advertising on websites and at the event
•Opportunity to sample/test their products and
services within the LIVE environment
•Introduction to students and opportunity to work
with them on LIVE events
Conference Partner
These brands will have the opportunity to
present case studies / best practice
application of face-to-face events within the
BIG IDEA LIVE interactive workshop at
Marketing Week Live .
• Promotional and media coverage
• Advertising at the event
• Website and viral marketing promotional support
• Meet the Big Idea Live winners
• Opportunity to support the workshop
Big Idea Live Event Partner
Opportunity for a brand to host an event.
The Brand can invite students, graduates and those
just starting out on their careers, or the engage with
respective representative from the Universities
taking part, Business partners, Key brands partners
and Media representatives to an event of their