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• Home = cell or battery
• School = the light bulb
• The stick people = the electrons
• Imagine that ‘home’ (the cell or battery) is the house of
everybody who goes to school (the light bulb) . They
leave for school (the lightbulb) then they come home
(back to the battery or cell) again. This is how a series
circuit works.
• In a series circuit there is still the same amount
of voltage passing through the circuit but the
bulbs are not as bright as more energy is being
used to light both of them. The same amount is
being used on each one though.
• As many bulbs as you like can be placed in a
parallel circuit but the more bulbs added the
dimmer it will become!!!
• Voltage is energy of each
electron that is carried round
the circuit!!!
• The current is the flow of
electricity going around the
• Resistance is the force against
the flow of the current