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Viscum album
Hemi-parasite (partially parasite)
Grows on the branches of Deciduous
trees, raw plant is extremely poisonous
Located in Europe, Asia and North Africa
A Perennial plant (lives year after year)
General Characteristics
Yellowish, smooth stem
Tongue-shaped leaves
Small yellow flowers
Smooth, white berries are produced from
Oct. - Dec., they ripen in December
History Of Mistletoe
Has been one of the most magical,
mysterious and sacred of all the
European plants
Associated with Celtic rituals & Greek
The tradition of kissing under the
mistletoe was first associated with
primitive marriage rights due to its
believed power of fertility
Components in Mistletoe
Viscotoxins- small proteins that stimulate
immune system activity
Alkaloids- Nitrogen containing cells,
mistletoe alkaloids also have anti-cancer
Lectins- complex molecules that contain
both proteins & sugars and are capable
of combining to immune system cells
Medicinal Uses
Cancer drug (shown to increase survival
time by 40% in Germany)
Is used to treat seizures and headaches,
along with other conditions
Is also used in cases of epilepsy
Quick Facts
In some parts of England mistletoe is
burned in case the young men and women
who kissed under it should never marry
The word mistletoe comes from AngloSaxon, it means “Dung-on-a-twig”
Sacred plant of Frigga, or Freya, the Norse
Goddess of Love
Celtic Druids