Download Team #4 Project Health Monitor To create a device that measures

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Team #4 Project Health Monitor
To create a device that measures and logs weight and blood
pressure with the data accessible from the internet
Team #4 Dan Chapman Mike Goodwin Joe Isca Brent Rager
Personal Health Monitor
Patent Number 4803625:
 Issued Feb 7, 1989
 Measures weight, temperature, blood pressure, pulse,
ECG Waveform
 Connected to central unit via modem
 Prompts user to take medication
 Able to supply answers to selected questions
Personal Health Monitor
Key Differences:
 Connects to a central unit to store health data
 No web server
 Purpose for a Medical Condition
Health Monitoring System
Patent Number 6282441:
 Issued Aug 28, 2001
 Measures and logs EKG waveform
 Straps onto chest
 Uploads data to a central database
Health Monitoring System
Key Differences:
 Uses a remote database
 Only measures heart-related data
 No web server
 Purpose is to analyze health patterns among a
group of people
Patient Monitor and Support System
Patent Number 5558638:
Issued Sept 24, 1996
 Monitors weight, temperature, blood pressure
 Device can monitor different
diseases/disorders (cancer, kidney failure, liver
support, immune system disease)
 Patient care-takers retrieve data through LAN
 Records health data to remote database
Patient Monitor and Support System
Key Differences:
Database is not on device
 Purpose is for monitoring specific diseases or