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Middle School Music
Introduction to the ukulele
The ukulele is a Hawaiian instruments and a member of
the guitar (string) family. It is usually made with four
The ukulele was created in Hawaii during the 19th
century. It became popular around the world in the early
20th century.
Types of Ukuleles
The tone and volume of the instrument varies with size.
Ukuleles commonly come in four sizes: soprano, concert,
tenor, and baritone.
The soprano is the standard in Hawaii and is the
smallest and original size.
History of the Ukulele
Ukulele roughly translates to "jumping flea”.
The ukulele was introduced to the Hawaii by three
Portuguese cabinet makers.
History of the Ukulele continued…
King Kalakaua (the ruler of Hawaii at the time) helped
to make the ukulele popular.
King Kalakaua was a supporter of the arts and used the
ukulele in performances at royal events.
Ukuleles are usually made of wood. Cheaper ukuleles are
made from plywood and more expensive ones are made of
Ukuleles have a figure-eight shape, like an acoustic guitar.
They can also be seen in shapes like oval (called a "pineapple“
ukulele), a boat-paddle shape or a square shape.
These instruments usually have four strings but can have up
to six or eight strings.
The most common tuning uses the notes G-C-E-A.
A simple melody that is used to tune the ukulele is "My
Dog Has Fleas“.
Ukulele Music
 Train - Hey, Soul Sister – YouTube
 Somewhere Over the Rainbow
 Breakdown
More Great Ukulele Videos
 Royals – Walk Off the Earth
 Ukulele Orchestra
 You Belong to Me
Introduction Video
Ukulele For Dummies – YouTube
“Ukulele for Dummies”
 Where was the ukulele created?
 What family of instruments is the ukulele in?
 How many strings does the ukulele have?
 When was it created? (What century?)
 When did it become popular across the world?
 What are the four types of ukuleles?
Questions Continued…
 What is the most common kind of ukulele?
 Who was it created by?
 What ruler helped to make the ukulele popular?
 What shapes does the ukulele come in?
 What is a simple melody that helps people tune their
 What notes are on the ukulele?
 What materials can the ukulele be made of?