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Mrs. Powell’s Class
Oak Grove Elementary
Open House
August 14, 2014
Created by: Ashley Magee, Graphics © ThistleGirlDesigns
Welcome to First Grade
I am so excited to begin
this new year in a new
Meet the Teacher
• I love teaching and learning! 25 years!
• Savannah native. Married to Michael Mom
to two boys.
• Northwest Missouri State University: once
a bearcat, always a bearcat.
– Bachelor Degree in Elementary and Early
Childhood Education
– Master’s in Reading
Meet the Student Teacher
• Britnee Glise
• Mother of one boy, Braxtyn
• Senior at Missouri Western State University
– Degree in Early Childhood Education
Mini lesson focusing on key skill or strategy.
Small-guided reading groups with a first grade teacher.
Daily Five
Independently reading,
buddy reading
responding to reading
listening to reading
word work
Pathways to Reading Instruction-Phonemic awareness
End of Year Reading Goal: Level I or above.
This year in math we will learn:
•Investigations focus on Problem Solving and
work using manipulatives. We will also do pencil
and paper activities.
Some Areas to focus on at home are:
•Counting change up to .50 cents
•Addition and Subtraction Problem 1-20
•Telling time to the hour and half hour
•Counting by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s to 100
This year in writing we will learn:
•Write daily.
•Teacher conferencing individually with students
•Focus Conferences
– capitalizing I,
– Ending punctuation
– Other skills based on individual needs
•We are applying: When I’m Done, I’ve Just Begun!
I can add to my words.
I can add to my piture.
I can start a new piece.
I can edit or revise my writing.
Classroom Expectations
Classroom Rules: Created as a class the
first week
We will value treating others kindly,
being honest, respectful and allowing
learning to take place for everyone.
PAWS will continue
Daily Schedule 2014-2015
• 8:40 – 9:00 Housekeeping/Lunch Count/Mugs/Calendar
• 9:00 Pathways/Reading Workshop
• 10:00 Groups
• 11:00 Writing Workshop
• 12:06-12:36 Lunch
• 12:40-1:10 Recess
• 1:10 – 2:10 Math
• 2:10-2:55 Music
• 3:00 – 3:40 Spelling/Handwriting
• * Not Scheduled computers, library, counseling
Special Classes
Students will visit five special classes each week. Our
schedule is as follows:
Monday – P.E.
Tuesday – Art
Wednesday – Music
Thursday – PE
Friday – Art
Continuing to follow PAM—PE, Art, Music
Tennis shoes always on PE days.
Go Folders
Take Home Folder-GO
•Please look at your child’s take home folder
each night, empty it, and then return to
school the following morning. Please feel
free to send school notes to me inside this
folder as well. This will be one way to
communicate back and forth.
•It is a good idea to establish a homework
time each night by reading 20 minutes and
practicing math facts. Throughout the year
you will find homework activities in your
child’s take home folder, please check daily.
•Weekly homework will be coming home.
Report Cards
Uses the four proficiency levels (Similar to Kindergarten)
1= Needs support
2 =Approaching Indicators
3 =Meets Indicators
4 =Exceeds Indicators
Teachers will soon begin one on one assessments in reading
to establish starting points.
Parent Involvement
•Parents: We need you!
– cutting,
– Laminating
– Reading with students
– Practicing sight words and math facts
Book Reports
• Take home books will come home beginning the
first day of school.
• Please read 3 times and record on book log.
• Return to school the next morning for a new
Stay Connected!
• Email: [email protected]
• Phone: (816) 671-4290.
• Best time of day to reach by phone will be 8 a.m.
and 2:10-2:55.
•Attendance is very important.
•Different Way Home
– Normal Plan
•Please send notes anytime your child will be
going a different way home. This is for your
child’s protection.
•No emails for changes in Normal Plans.
Other Important Items
Treats Welcome
No cupcakes
First Grade Theme:
Welcome to a great year
in 1st Grade!